Ginger D

made by my feelings

Kategori: dikter by me

You think we´re bad
But we know that she´s sad
We cared a lot
Then she made in our hearts a big sore
And now we care not.
Okay, we are mean girls
But she´s a stupid fool
You think her heart is made of pearls
But in real our hearts really rule.
Cause she doesn´t even have a heart
She has nothing left at all
We were together but falled apart
Now we want to see her fall
Like we did before.

We make her life hell
But she made it so worse for us
She made it so bad for me ...
And believe me or not
I still miss the old times with her
When I loved her like a fat kid loves candy.

Now I hate her like a vegetarian hates meat.
And I don´t care what you think about it
Really, I don´t give a shit !


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